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Christian Counseling

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Define Christian counseling:

  • Ask the therapist what he/she means by the word “Christian.”
  • Know what defines you (and your partner if you have one) as a Christian so that you will know if the counselor is on your same page. Since you want more information on Christian counseling, I would assume you don’t want counseling that uses the word “Christian,” but is no different from secular counseling.
  • We define “Christian” as one who believes that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and a Christian is one who follows the teachings of Christ that are found in the Bible.

Know the background of the Christian counselor:

  • Ask where they Christian counselor received his/her theological education. Have you heard of the school and does the school reflect your Christian beliefs? If you don’t know, ask.
  • Does the counselor have a degree in the Bible or theology and/or did he/she finish? Going to a “Christian” university or graduate school does not make a “Christian” counselor.
  • Ask how and where the Christian counselor received his/her education/training in counseling. Many individuals know their Bible inside and out, but they have not been trained in how to counsel clients.
  • Ask the counselor what methods of counseling he/she uses. Does he/she use Freudian theories and/or Biblical counseling theories?
  • I received my theological education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary with a master of divinity in pastoral care and counseling. I completed the degree with over 100 hours of education in theology and counseling. Southern Seminary is a conservative school that defines what it is to be a Christian in a similar manner that I did above. I also received a master of arts degree in marriage and family counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University. The degree involved over 60 hours of masters level work in marriage and family therapy as well as Christian counseling.

Agenda for the Christian counseling sessions:

  • Ask the counselor what is involved in the Christian counseling sessions that makes it Christian.
  • Does the counselor actually use the Bible in the Christian counseling sessions?
  • Does the counselor discuss Christian aspects of marriage?
  • Does the counselor discuss how to help your Christian family to thrive?
  • Does the counselor discuss the duties of Christian parents in the Christian counseling sessions?
  • We use the Bible in our sessions and help the client learn to use it as well (For example, we use Ephesians 5 and 1 Corinthians 13 for couples. Also, we would use Romans 12 to help individuals not conform to the world, but the help him/her to learn to be transformed by renewing his/her mind.)

Tools to measure your relationship:

  • Ask the counselor what he/she uses to measure the spirituality of the relationship in Christian counseling. A person who is good at Christian counseling should have a tool/assessment/inventory that will indicate spiritual areas of the relationship that are strong and areas that could use some work.
  • We use the Bible to gauge the love and respect the husband and wife are giving one another. Furthermore, we use the PREPARE/ENRICH assessments and they are one of the best tools for couples who want effective Christian counseling. You can take the assessment online and it is then used in the counseling sessions. You will know exactly what to do in your relationship when you get done.

Going for any Christian counseling is an exceptional idea! The point would be that you can get more Christian value with some counselors than with others. Ask, ask, and ask more questions.

If you would like to ask us some questions, please contact us.
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Christian premarital counseling and information about it is available

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