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Marriage Test

Not married yet? No problem. Click here for a pre-engagement/premarital inventory

RELATE Marriage Test

Benefits of The RELATionship Evaluation Questionnaire (RELATE):

  • Insights into your relationship
  • Understand your partner more
  • Strengthen your relational bond – identifies strengths as a couple
  • A scientific/objective view of your relationship
  • Provides information that can promote meaningful discussions
  • Compares your partner’s and your attitudes in key relational areas

RELATE report collage

    Other information about the RELATE Marriage Test:

  • Downloadable/printable report of relationship results immediately available after inventory completed
  • Color graphs for how you rate your partner and yourself in key relational areas
  • All information sent to us and all information from reports are kept strictly confidential
  • Online, convenient, secure
  • Available in Spanish and Portuguese

View a sample RELATE Marriage Test
FAQs about the RELATE Marriage Test
Walk through the RELATE Marriage Test Process

RELATE Marriage Test. Instant results include relationship report with full color graphs, which is yours to keep. Must be 18 or older. $39

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The differences between the RELATE Marriage Test (above) and the PREPARE Marriage Test (below):

RELATE and the results can be seen online immediately after finishing the questions
RELATE includes downloadable/printable reports of results
RELATE measures and reports on personality (calmness, flexibility, happiness, and sociability, etc.) as well as marital areas (family, sexuality, children, etc.)
RELATE asks more questions
RELATE costs less

PREPARE includes an assessor who gives you the results over the phone, no printable material is included
PREPARE is slightly shorter when taking online and very comprehensive

ENRICH Marriage Test

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Benefits of The ENRICH Marriage Test:

  • Decrease your chance of divorce by 31%
  • Show where your relationship is strong and where it can grow
  • More than 30 years of research and 4 Million results
  • All with 80-90% accuracy!
  • Includes a 1 hour review with an assessor
  • Available in Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Swedish

Walk through the ENRICH Marriage Test process
FAQs about the ENRICH/PREPARE Marriage Test

ENRICH Marriage Test for Two PLUS a 90 minute results review. $189

Credit Cards, etc.
Purchase securely and confidently with the above methods of payment

What others are saying about our tests

(Identities withheld by law to protect confidentiality)

“…taking RELATE was good for both of us…”

“RELATE was another tool that helped my fiance and me strengthen our relationship.”

“…very helpful to me…reassuring…I can’t thank you enough and hope to speak to John again soon…”

“…this gave us tools to deal with conflicts in the future…It also cleared up some issues we already had & helped us deal with them.”

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