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Pastor Resources

How we may be able to help you in your ministry:

  • Supply you with invaluable resources that assist you in your couples counseling
  • Provide resources that reassure you in helping your premarital couples to know what is involved and what to expect with marriage
  • Provide an in hand, concrete resource that supports you by providing an overview of the married couple’s relational status
  • Allow qualified individuals to prepare your premarital couples for the second most important decision here on earth
  • Allow qualified individuals to provide your married couples with tools and exercises that will strengthen their marriage.
RELATE Premarital Test for a couple. Full color, 30 paged report will provide you with specific strengths and potential growth areas about the couple’s relationship. Can be used for a married couple as well. Includes an introduction to how the test works. $59
per couple

Using PREPARE (the most extensive and comprehensive report/assessment/inventory we offer) we conduct a 90 minute review, by phone, with the couple and yourself, if desired. Can be used for a married couple as well. $189
per couple

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Learn more about the RELATE relationship evaluation
Learn more about PREPARE/ENRICH

What others are saying about our premarital tests

(Identities withheld by law to protect confidentiality)

“…taking RELATE was good for both of us…”

“RELATE was another tool that helped my fiance and me strengthen our relationship.”

“…very helpful to me…reassuring…I can’t thank you enough and hope to speak to John again soon…”

“…this gave us tools to deal with conflicts in the future…It also cleared up some issues we already had & helped us deal with them.”

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