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Pre engagement counseling

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pre engagement counseling

Yes, you have heard of premarital counseling, but how many of you have heard about pre engagement counseling? If you have or have not, it is an exceptional idea. Arguably, it could be said that pre engagement counseling is more beneficial than premarital counseling because you have not already made up your mind to get married.

Before I purchased a ring for my wife and asked her to marry me I have to admit that I was pretty nervous. I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision even in asking her to marry me, let alone in plopping down several thousand for a ring. I arranged for and we took some pre engagement counseling and it was excellent. I had my questions answered, I purchased a ring, I asked her to marry me, we are married and now have a baby!

Benefits from pre engagement counseling:

  • Know if you should get more serious
  • Helps to know if this is the “right person”
  • Know if the person is compatible before a bunch of relational baggage is accumulated
  • Helps to make the decision to get engaged easier, if that is what you want to do
  • Provides help for the relationship while you are still objective and not engaged
  • Provides a relational map to tell each person where they can work on the relationship to make it better
  • Helps you both to grow closer together
  • Learn things about your partner you never knew
  • Raises vital subjects to discuss before you get engaged
  • Discover areas where you can grow in your relationship
  • Strictly confidential
  • Fun for both partners
Package 1:
RELATE Pre engagement counseling (test) for a couple. Instant results include 30 pages with full color graphs and charts, which are yours to keep. (Must be 18 or older). PLUS, includes The Happy Marriage Kit.
per couple
Package 2:
Extensive PREPARE® Pre engagement counseling (test) for a couple AND a 90 minute results review, by phone, with a professional assessor. Includes The Happy Marriage Kit.
per couple
1 hour (60 minutes) of relationship/individual coaching $85
per couple

If you live within the Indianapolis, IN area, I offer face to face, couples coaching. Includes The Happy Marriage Kit and much more. Call 317-660-1604 for prices
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What others are saying about our services

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“…I enjoyed it…”

“Ty for the info.”

“…taking RELATE was good for both of us…”

“Thanks for the help”

“…I have found John’s input and experience to be invaluable.”

“Thank you so much! This was very helpful.”

“…thorough, well-organized, and lets me know exactly what to expect…”

“RELATE was another tool that helped my fiance and me strengthen our relationship.”

“…very helpful to me…reassuring…I can’t thank you enough and hope to speak to John again soon…”

“…this gave us tools to deal with conflicts in the future…It also cleared up some issues we already had & helped us deal with them.”

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