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RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire FAQs

RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire and some frequently asked questions about it (simply click on the desired question for the answer):

1. A little about the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire
2. Why take RELATE?
3. Who is the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire for?
4. What does RELATE include?
5. What are the benefits of the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire
6. What are some areas of focus in RELATE?
7. What benefits will I get from taking the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire?
8. Why should I take the Institute’s relationship evaluation over a competing one?
9. Do I need to be married in order to take the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire?

A little about the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire

• Questionnaire designed for individuals currently in a committed relationship such as, dating, engaged, or married.
• Report provides important information regarding the individual, the partner, and their relationship.
• Questionnaire contains 276 questions found to be predictive of later marital quality.
• The RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire takes about 35 minutes to complete.
• Report is 11 pages long with 12 graphs and charts showing how individuals rated various aspects of the relationship.

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Why take the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire?

The RELATionship Evaluation Questionnaire (RELATE) guides engaged and dating couples to have meaningful discussions about criteria proven to affect marital satisfaction. Identifying trouble spots and common ground using RELATE often helps people determine whether to continue, deepen, or end the relationship. For marrieds, the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire helps couples understand and improve their most important relationship.

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Who is the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire for?

You should take RELATE if you are in a committed relationship, whether that be engagement, marriage, serious dating, or cohabiting. You can take RELATE with or without a participating partner, but we strongly recommend that both partners take the questionnaire for best results. The questionnaire takes about one hour to complete, and the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire report is available for printing moments after both partners have completed the questionnaire.

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What does the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire include?

RELATE features 276 questions focused on the four major areas influencing marital satisfaction: personality/values, family and friend support, communication skills, and upbringing/background. After completing the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire online, you’ll receive a downloadable/printable RELATE report. This report is a comprehensive, personalized summary that includes:

• Color bar graphs illustrating how you and your partner rated yourself and each other in eight areas of personality, from sociability to self-esteem
• Comparisons of your attitudes toward roles, sex, children, religion, and more
• Insights on how your childhood experiences, from parental happiness to conflict resolution, have shaped your relationship style
• Identification of problem areas, from power issues to money issues and more
• Identification of your strengths as a couple
• Suggestions for improving your relationship and resources you can use to start productive discussions and move to the next step

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What are the benefits of the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire?

Insight into your relationship. A better understanding of your partner. And perhaps most importantly, RELATE will deliver specific information you can use to have real discussions about your problems, challenges, and concerns.

the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire will equip you with the resources you need as a couple to strengthen your bond—or in some instances, dissolve it. Despite its validity and reliability, however, know that RELATE does not replace couples counseling, nor will your report advise you to continue or terminate a relationship—only YOU can determine that.

What you’ll get with the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire is a scientific view of a love relationship—an objective inventory of your relationship’s most pivotal factors, presented in a clear, readable summary. It’s all online, so it’s easy, convenient and secure. Start building your future together—by spending an hour with RELATE.

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What are some areas of focus in the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire?

Personality Characteristics reported are:
KIND (loving, cooperative)
SOCIABLE (talkative, outgoing)
CALM (not nervous or tense)
ORGANIZED (organized, not messy)

• FLEXIBLE (easy going, adaptable)
• EMOTIONALLY MATURE (controls temper)
• HAPPY (not blue, hopeless, or depressed)
• SELF-ESTEEM (positive attitude, self-worth)

Values reported are:

• MARRIAGE (importance of marriage, the sanctity of marriage)
• TRADITIONAL ROLES (separate household responsibilities for husband and wives, mothers more involved in childcare, more leadership by husband)
• TRADITIONAL EMPLOYMENT (paid employment as more the husband’s responsibility than wife’s)
• MATERIALISM (money and material possessions are important)
• TOGETHERNESS (togetherness in time allocation, recreation, and choice of friends)
• CHILDREN (having children, birth control)
• RELIGIOSITY (importance of spirituality)

Sexuality (sexual expression):

Bonding (emotional and physical closeness)
Faithfulness (fidelity)
Premarital Sex (sexual intercourse before marriage)

Family Background information reported includes:

• FAMILY QUALITY (family experiences and processes)
• PARENT MARRIAGE (marital satisfaction and modeling)
• FATHER RELATIONSHIP (relationship with father)
• MOTHER RELATIONSHIP (relationship with mother)
• FAMILY INFLUENCE (influence of family on current functioning)
• AUTONOMY (independence from own family-of-origin)
• PARTNER AUTONOMY (rating of partner’s independence from family-of-origin)
• FAMILY STRESSORS (emotional, financial, physical, alcohol or drug addiction in family-of-origin)

Couple Communication Styles reported are:

• EMPATHY (understanding feelings, listening)
• LOVE (admiration, positive feelings toward each other)
• CLEAR SENDING (clearly expressing feelings or ideas)
SOOTHING (calming self and partner down)
• NONCRITICAL (avoiding complaining and blaming)
• RESPECT (respect for and from partner)
• WITHDRAWAL (withdrawing from conflict)
• OVERWHELMED (anxious and drained after conflict)

Other Relationship Scales reported are:

• PROBLEM AREAS (money management, communication, children, substance abuse, etc.)
APPROVAL (relationship approval by parents and friends)
• POSSESSIVENESS (being possessive)
• CHANGE EXPECTATIONS (changing partner)
• HELP-SEEKING (seeking advice, sharing problems with others)
• SATISFACTION (satisfaction with seven relationship factors)
• STABILITY (rating of stability of the relationship)

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What benefits will I get from taking the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire?

What RELATE isn’t:
To know what you’ll get from RELATE, you first need to know what you WON’T get. RELATE is not a compatibility test, or a love quiz, or a crystal ball that tries to predict the future of your relationship. You can’t "fail" the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire, nor will we tell you to break up or stay together—only you can decide that.

What RELATE is:
Instead, it’s a clinically validated assessment that helps you understand how factors in your family life, personality and values, social interactions and relationships will affect your later marital quality. The assessment includes over 200 questions, after which you receive a detailed report to help you interpret your (and your partner’s) responses.

Benefits to taking the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire include:

• A better understanding of your personality characteristics, including emotional health, self-esteem, and flexibility
• Insight into how your family environment and childhood may impact your later marital happiness
• The ability to compare your relationship experiences with your partner’s- including speaking and listening skills, conflict resolution styles, defensiveness, and more
• Understanding similarities and differences in values, including your views on gender roles, religion, togetherness, and more
• Easy-to-read graphs and summaries that showcase your responses and your partner’s responses so you can quickly identify trouble areas and topics for further discussion
• Interpretation suggestions and resources to help you take the next steps in improving your relationship
• You’ll start TALKING about your relationship, equipped with real data that makes a difference

Your relationship deserves reliable results

Best of all, your RELATE report delivers reliable, validated results you and your partner can trust. The scales of the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire have reliability scores between .70 and .90 for both internal consistency and test-retest calculations. Validity results are equally impressive, with educators, clinicians, and researchers alike supporting RELATE as a sound instrument for forecasting marital satisfaction.

In short, the results RELATE delivers are correct. The weaknesses the questionnaire identifies are real, but so are their remedies. We’ll help you chart a course to a happier relationship.

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Why should I take the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire over a competing one?

RELATE stands apart from the field. It isn’t a silly love quiz like many you’ll find on the Internet. But it isn’t a complex, lengthy exam that requires a PhD to understand the questions and interpret the results.

Take the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire because:

• Questions are straightforward and easy to understand. You can complete the questionnaire in about an hour.
• You’ll get real details to help make your relationship better—your personalized, color RELATE report will include more than 20 pages and a dozen bar graphs comparing your responses with your partner’s.
• You don’t need a counselor to interpret results. Your report includes explanations and guidelines of what to do when you spot differences.
• It’s secure and entirely online. Take a few questions now, then return and log in later. Your report is available just moments after you and/or your partner complete the questions.
• You can take RELATE as a couple, or as a "single partner" (partner not participating).
• The RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire offers more questions on more areas of marital quality than its two main competitors, and at a lower price.
• RELATE offers excellent relationship insights regardless of your marital status—currently dating, engaged, or already married.

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Do I need to be married in order to take the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire?

Who should take relate:
You should! Whether you are in a casual or serious relationship, just dating or already married, RELATE can help you understand your relationship and get you talking. Because it covers all of the factors that are predictive of later marital quality, the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire works for:

• People in serious dating relationships struggling with the decision to commit or break up
• Engaged couples preparing for a lasting marriage
• Newlyweds setting goals and learning to compromise
• Married couples seeking to improve their relationship and understand their conflicts

If you are in a relationship, you can take the RELATE Evaluation Questionnaire alone, or have your partner participate as well. We highly recommend that both partners take the questionnaire to achieve best results.

Not in a relationship right now? Find out if you’re READY for when the right person comes along. Learn more about the Institute’s READY assessment for individuals not in a relationship.
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